STO Sold to Embracer


Perfect world Entertainment who owns Cryptic Studios, the development team for Star Trek Online, has been acquired by Embracer Group. Star Trek Online will now operated by Gearbox. Here is the quote for the Star Trek Online Community manager, ambassadorkael.

“Hey folks! You may have seen the press release that just went out, and I wanted to create a post here and get ahead of any questions you may have. Below is all the information I can currently share, but feel free to ask more questions in the thread below, and if I can answer them, I will.

So what does this mean for Star Trek Online?
It’s an exciting new opportunity for us to work with a new and very talented group of people. We’ve all seen the previous work Gearbox has done, and it’s cool to get to be a part of that. But in terms of the day to day operations of STO, very little will change, if anything at all. The team is not changing, the leadership of both STO and Cryptic Studios is not changing, and the team who was previously at PWE, now Gearbox, is unchanging as well. Basically, you should see very little difference once this deal goes through in how our game runs.

Will Star Trek Online be sunset because of this deal?
There are no plans to sunset Star Trek Online right now. We are hard at work on continued development and remain committed to providing our players with the best experience possible.

Will I still launch the game through Arc?
If Arc was your preferred way to launch the game, that won’t change. You’ll also still be able to launch it through Steam, or just the Cryptic launcher itself.

How will this affect my account?
Your account should experience no changes as a result of Cryptic joining the Gearbox family. If there are any changes, we’ll let you know in a separate forum post.

This is an exciting time for us, and I hope we have even more details to share with you soon.”